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Do I have a premises liability case?

Free Case Evaluation - Our full time staff is ready to evaluate your case submission and will respond in a timely manner.

Tustin Slip and Fall Lawyer

The Tustin Slip and Fall Lawyers of Bisnar Chase believe that all property owners have a duty to keep visitors safe. When a slip and fall accident occurs someone should be held responsible for their negligence. For 40 years, the law firm of Bisnar Chase has gained over $500 Million dollars in compensation for clients and continues to hold a 96% success rate. There are many steps that property owners in Tustin can and should take to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents, which could result in serious injuries and a premises liability lawsuit. If you or someone you know has experienced a severe injury due to a slip and fall call 949-203-3814 and speak with an experienced Tustin slip and fall attorney.

What Can Cause a Serious Slip and Fall Injury?

Many slip-and-fall accidents result from a hazardous condition such as a slippery floor or broken stair. It is the responsibility of all property owners to fix the problem within a reasonable time after learning about the dangerous condition.

For example, a spill on a shopping mall floor should be mopped up right away or caution tape should be placed around it so visitors are warned. It only takes a small puddle or wet spot for a serious slip-and-fall injury accident to occur.

The following are dangerous conditions that can lead to a serious slip and fall injury:

  • Cracked steps
  • Damaged railings
  • Uneven floors
  • Rugs should be placed over torn or ripped carpets
  • Elevators that are not leveled
  • Burned out bulbs or lights

5 Common Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Every year, over eight million people are admitted to the emergency room for severe slip and fall injuries. Slip & fall injuries can range from a minor sprain to a catastrophic head wound. It is strongly recommended that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Below are five injuries slip and fall victims commonly suffer from after an accident.

1. Traumatic Brain Injury: The CDC reported that in one year 2.8 million people died, were hospitalized and were taken to the emergency room due to a head injury caused by a slip and fall accident. A trip and fall is one of the common causes for a brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is when the head experiences a sudden blow or force that leads to temporary or permanent brain damage.

2. Hip Rupture: A staggering 90% of hip fractures are the consequence of a fall. Even if the fracture is initially minor, there is an increased probability that an older man or woman will suffer from a more severe hip fracture over the next five years. Symptoms of a hip fracture can be a failure to be mobile, intense pain in the groin or hip area and stiffness.

3. Spinal Cord and Back Wounds: According to the Mayo Clinic, about 15% of serious spinal cord injuries are a result from a fall. Falls involving harm to the spinal cord can lead to a slip and fall victim to suffer from a herniated disk or paralysis.

4. Dislocation of a Shoulder: Experiencing a slip and fall accident can lead to a severe shoulder injury. If the "brachial plexus", a collection of nerves that connects the hand, arm and spinal cord, are wounded, in order for the slip and fall victim to heal it would either take rehabilitation or surgery.

5. Fractures and Sprains: Slipping or falling can cause multiple fractures, especially in elderly people. One of the most common injuries is a knee fracture. When a person falls directly on their knee this causes the "patellar" to be immobile, bruised or a person can lose the ability to stretch or straighten their leg.

Prevent Yourself from Being a Slip and Fall Victim

Property owners are not responsible for all accidents that occur on their premises. When someone suffers an injury because of their own negligence, they may not be able to seek compensation from their slip and fall case.

Therefore, all pedestrians should:

  • Pay attention to where they are going to avoid hazardous situations.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that have adequate soles to grip the floor.
  • Never send text messages or talk on a cell phone while walking.
  • Use caution when on a property with which they are not familiar.
  • Avoid areas that are poorly lit or covered in debris.

If you are acting responsibly and you suffer an injury because of a hazardous condition, you should immediately:

  • File an injury report with the property management.
  • Collect contact information from the witnesses.
  • Take photos of where the incident occurred.
  • Seek out medical attention.
  • Contact an experienced Slip and fall lawyer.

Being a Responsible Property Owner

Not all hazardous conditions are as easy to fix. Some hazards, such as broken steps, require repair work. In such cases, a skilled maintenance or construction company may not be available right away.

Property owners need to take action to ensure that visitors are made aware of hazardous conditions for as long as the problem exists.

This means not only posting warning signs around a falling hazard, but also checking to make sure that signs are still up later on. Some hazards require orange cones and warning tape. In some cases, landlords should warn tenants with paper notices or emails so that they are properly notified of the dangers they face.

The skilled Slip and Fall Lawyers at Bisnar Chase have helped injured victims and their families pursue financial compensation for their losses.

Injured slip & fall victims can seek compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation and other related damages.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, please contact us for a free consultation. Upon your call you will have the opportunity to speak with a top-rated premise liability lawyer. Call 949-203-3814 today.

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