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California Personal Injury Lawyers

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If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person or organization's negligence, you may be facing insurmountable challenges. You have the right to seek injury compensation for the serious losses you have experienced through a personal injury case that holds at-fault parties responsible for their actions. Do not speak with insurance companies before you consult with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer in California who will protect your interest, not the insurance companies. Important issues will need to be discussed about your case like comparative negligence, strict liability, pain and suffering and economic damages. Your attorney can protect you regarding these elements of the case.

We offer 5 locations throughout California to make it very convenient for our law firm to be near you. You may schedule a free consultation with our Orange County office, Los Angeles office, San Bernardino office and our Riverside office. For specialized cases we also have a San Francisco meeting location.

Top Notch Legal Representation in California

Success in California injury cases can only be assured through skilled legal representation by some of the best lawyers. Bisnar Chase exclusively represents plaintiffs for injuries resulting from car accidents, severe dog bites, motorcycle accidents, product defects, auto defect injuries, and other serious or catastrophic injuries. We have the resources, experience, and talent to take on some of the most complex personal injury cases with outstanding results. We cover all of California and offer a guarantee to shield you from financial burden until your case is won.

Experienced Trial Lawyers Who Win

Throughout California, defense teams and local courts know who we are. We have spent decades in and out of the courtroom fighting for justice for injured victims. Representing Californians is something we put a lot of pride and work into every day. Some of the best lawyers refer their toughest cases to Bisnar Chase. Our reputation of winning challenging injury cases stands on its own. We have a 96% success rate and have collected almost a half a billion for our clients.

Award Winning Personal Injury Attorneys

Founded by John Bisnar in 1978, Bisnar Chase is a California injury law firm dedicated to a superior client experience. Trial Lawyer & Partner, Brian Chase is a respected accident & injury attorney throughout the nation having taken on some of the largest auto defect cases and defective product manufacturers. At Bisnar Chase, our award winning attorneys have found continued courtroom success since 1978. With over $500M won including punitive damages and thousands represented, our firm has earned a reputation as one of California's toughest injury law firms. Call 877-974-6875 for a free consultation.

After a bad accident... we contacted Bisnar Chase and they took care of everything. It gave us the peace of mind we needed to heal. I am very impressed with their level of professionalism and their compassion. We definitely recommend Bisnar Chase.

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I have used Bisnar and Chase twice now, both for car accidents. Each time I received a fair settlement and honestly received more than I expected. The entire team of Bisnar and Chase were professional, courteous and friendly. The paralegals there are top notch!

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5 / 5

John Bisnar was so professional. His staff was amazing and seemed to really care about me as a person. I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received. I was constantly updated on my case status and received far more from my settlement than I expected.

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5 / 5

How we can help you

We have the resources, experience, and talent to take on some of the most complex accident & injury cases in California. Browse through our practice areas below for more information:

Why Choose Bisnar Chase?

California has no shortage of attorneys practicing personal injury law but at Bisnar Chase we have earned a reputation as one of the premiere law firms in California. Our team of trial attorneys have the passion, drive & desire to help others and to help make our world a safer place. Because of cases we have fought & won, we have penalized some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. and stood up for the consumer - who otherwise may not have had a voice.

How Do I know I Can Be Represented?

If you are injured and not at-fault, you have the right to seek compensation. Whether it's a car accident, dog attack or slip and fall, injured plaintiffs have an absolute right to seek the fairest amount of compensation for everything they've gone through. That can include time off work, health issues related to the injury, loss of your vehicle and other costs that arise from being injured. Representing yourself could cost you.

How Much is My Injury Case Worth?

That will all depend based on how injured you are and the type of representation you have. A good personal injury lawyer with decades in the field of accident law can yield much higher settlements than someone unfamiliar with injury law, local courts, and defense teams. Bisnar Chase is regularly sought after when attorneys are struggling to get a fair settlement for their clients.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim in Time

Because there is a strict 2 year statute of limitation in California, it is important that you move quickly to secure counsel. Your attorney will have a lot of work ahead of him preparing your case and dealing with issues that may come up, including if the case is taken to trial. Having everything in order & turned over to your legal team in a timely manner is well advised.

How Do You Protect Me Financially?

Our no win, no fee guarantee ensures that you will not pay your lawyer until your case is won. Even after our attorneys have put considerable effort into your case and accrued costs, if the case is lost, you will not pay. In addition we shield you from liability until the case is over so that you are not worried sick about costs associated with your case. Ask for your FREE consultation now with one of our experienced and top rated California personal injury attorneys! Call 800-561-4887