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California Motor Vehicle Code 22352

Prima Facie Speed Limits CMVC 22352

California vehicle code 22352 informs drivers of what they need to know about prima facie speed limits. These limits are instated unless otherwise posted.

Fifteen miles per hour:

  • Drivers must travel at fifteen miles an hour when traversing the last 100 feet toward a railway grade crossing where the view is not clear for a distance of at least 400 feet in the distance. This speed limit does not apply when a flagman is on duty or a clearly visible electrical or mechanical crossing signal is installed.
  • Drivers must also operate at fifteen miles an hour when approaching an intersection where, during the last 100 feet, the driver does not have a clear view of the intersection and all of the highways crossing. This rule does not apply when the intersection is equipped with a stop sign, yield right-of-way signs, or an official traffic control signal.
  • Drivers must drive through alleyways at no faster than fifteen miles per hour. This allows for the driver to stop and yield to any people, animals, or objects that may cross the path of the alley.

Twenty-five miles per hour:

  • Any highway other than a state highway, business, or residence district requires a speed limit of twenty-five miles per hour. This is statewide unless otherwise determined by a local authority and clearly posted.
  • Drivers must travel at twenty-five miles per hour when approaching or passing a school building or grounds. This speed limit is required during all times when students may be outside of the school including the morning when school begins, noon recess, and after school when students leave. Most schools are equipped with standard "SCHOOL" warning signs which are located 500 feet from school grounds to remind drivers to slow down in the presence of students.
  • Twenty-five miles an hour is the speed limit when passing a senior center or facility for senior citizens that is located on the street other than a state highway. These facilities are also often posted with "SENIOR" warning signs.

Adhering to these speed limits is important for the safety of surrounding pedestrians, residents, students, and seniors, as well as the safety drivers.

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