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California Motor Vehicle Code 21701

Distracted Driving

California vehicle code 21701 makes it illegal to interfere with the driver of a vehicle. It is also illegal to interfere with the driving mechanism in a way that may affect the driver's ability to control the car. In addition to being illegal, distracting the driver is also unsafe and a very bad idea.

There are many ways that this law can be broken either intentionally or unintentionally. Teen drivers and passengers often like to horseplay or turn up the music when they are alone in the car without adult supervision. This is why many states, including California, have enacted legislation limiting the number of teen drivers allowed in a car at one time.

Even if you are not intentionally bothering the driver, just messing around and keeping them from focusing on the road will get you into serious trouble if they have an accident. If you are moving around a lot, or dancing, or touching the steering wheel while your friend is trying to drive, you could be putting many lives in danger. When riding in the car, sit still and don't bother the driver. It could save lives.

If you receive a ticket for a violation of CVC 21701, you will receive hefty fines and have points added to your license. You could even receive jail time if it causes an accident where someone is killed or injured.

Remember that driving is a privilege and not a right. If you are caught driving in a way that is dangerous, or if you are the passenger who is distracting the driver, you could be ticketed by the local authorities or the California Highway Patrol.

Rights for Victims of Distracted Drivers

If you've been injured because of a distracted driver you may be entitled to compensation. Plaintiff's of a distracted driving case may be eligible to collect compensation including time off work and medical bills. Contact the car accident attorneys of Bisnar Chase for a free consultation and to learn of your rights. Call 949-203-3814.

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