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Tustin Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The Tustin Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers of Bisnar Chase understand that many residents of elderly care facilities do not provide adequate care for your loved one. Poor care can have devastating physical and emotional consequences on a nursing abuse victim.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase has been holding wrongdoers accountable for 40 years and have held a 96% success rate in winning compensation for senior clients who have experienced abuse. If your loved one has experienced abuse while living in a senior living facility please call 949-203-3814 and receive a free consultation with an experienced Tustin nursing home attorney today.

3 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Some care facilities fail to provide the most basic needs to their residents. All care facilities must make sure that their patients receive adequate water and food; yet, many elderly residents become dehydrated and malnourished. Has your loved one lost a significant amount of weight?

Have you ever visited during lunch or dinner to see if your loved one was being fed? Is your loved one always in his or her room and never in the common area or an area where the residents eat? Elder abuse and neglect is easy to overlook. The many signs of nursing home abuse can remain hidden even from the most attentive and loving family members.

Contacting an experienced Tustin nursing home abuse lawyer will be a major step towards helping your loved one. In the meantime be proactive and check for the following signs that indicate that your loved one may be suffering from elderly abuse. How to know if your elderly loved one is being abused

1. Poor Hygiene: Many nursing home residents require assistance when taking a bath, using the restroom, changing their clothes and brushing their hair. Over time, this form of nursing home neglect will become obvious. The patient's clothes may be dirty and he or she may appear unclean. No patient in a nursing home should appear unkempt or dirty.

2. Medical Neglect: It is important to choose a care facility that can provide the level of medical care and attention that your loved one needs. Not all care facilities are capable of providing adequate medical treatments to particularly at-risk patients.

Even so, there is a basic level of medical attention that must be provided at all care facilities. It is crucial, for example, for nursing home staff to quickly treat cuts, infections, bedsores and other injuries that can become significantly worse over time if not properly treated.

Questions to keep in mind when you are seeking to prove medical neglect:

  • Is your loved one taking the pills as prescribed for his or her condition?
  • Does your loved one have bedsores and pressure ulcers that are either spreading or not getting better?
  • Does your loved one have diabetes but is clearly not getting the proper amount of insulin?

Facilities that fail to provide adequate treatments put their residents at great risk of suffering a life-changing injury.

3. Emotional Neglect: Emotional neglect is probably the most difficult form of abuse to detect. It may not manifest itself in physical ways, but your loved one may undergo changes in his or her demeanor and personality. Stressed out workers may react angrily to their residents.

Eventually, these harsh interactions may result in depression. Victims of emotional neglect may begin to withdraw from social interactions when what they need most is to connect with others.

An important part of a healthy lifestyle in a nursing home is communication and interaction. Sadly, individuals who are being neglected or poorly treated rarely discuss their suffering with their loved ones. Instead, they often become embarrassed, shy, agitated or uncommunicative.

How Can You Protect Your Loved One?

Nursing homes have a responsibility to provide quality care to the elderly. Unfortunately, not all senior community facilities are equipped with this mentality. There are steps that you can take for elder abuse prevention.

Staff Instruction and Guidance

Staff that were not trained properly can lead to serious of unintentional and non-intentional mistakes. For example, if a staff member is not informed that a patient is prescribed to take a medication daily, the elderly patient can suffer an immense amount of health repercussions and in some cases die. It is best to know that all code and standard regulations are up to par. You can find this out by speaking to management or check the quality of the nursing home on the website.

Sanitation and Odor

One of the first signs of whether or not your loved one is being taken care of is if the odor in the facility or their room is unpleasant. Does the nursing home smell of urine? Most elderly need assistance going to the bathroom and a high-quality nursing home would have a sufficient amount of staff to care for the client in this way. Make sure that the senior center that your loved one is living in is clean regularly, the more often you visit, the better chance you have of spotting this mistreatment.

Always Make Sure That Your Loved One Is Never Isolated

The number one way where you could prevent your loved one from being neglected is by having regular visits with them. Not only can isolation lead to your elderly loved one having an increased chance of being abused but your loved one can suffer from severe depression as well.

No amount of attention and education can help you prevent abuse or neglect at a nursing home. All we can do as loved ones is visit, ask questions and stay involved. It is also possible for us to be proactive.

Doing your homework well, asking questions and visiting the facility several times to make an assessment are some of the actions you can take in order to be proactive and to ensure that your loved one goes to the right nursing home.

Our skilled Tustin nursing home abuse lawyers have helped victims and their families obtain justice and fair compensation for the injuries and damages they have sustained. Please call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation and to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.

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