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San Diego Jury Awards $160,000 to Car Accident Victim

California car accident attorneys secure jury verdict for car accident victim who suffered head and neck injuries in a rear-end collision. The $160,000 verdict in the case (#37-2011-0054633) came after Allstate Insurance Company had made a final offer of $70,000 to the plaintiff.

california car accident attorneyThe California car accident attorneys of Bisnar Chase obtained a $160,000 jury verdict (Case number: 37-2011-0054633, San Diego County Superior Court) for plaintiff Matthew Jensen, who suffered head and neck injuries in a rear-end accident on the 5 Freeway in the San Diego area on June 20, 2009. According to court documents (Case number: 37-2011-0054633), Jensen's vehicle was in the emergency lane on the southbound side of the freeway when it was rear-ended by another vehicle driven by Jonathan Coburn.

The San Diego County jury heard the case over four days and returned a verdict in Jensen's favor the afternoon of Dec. 6. The jury awarded Jensen $160,000 for damages including medical expenses, treatment costs and pain and suffering. Gavin Long, a trial attorney with the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm, said Jensen had to go to the emergency room for treatment soon after the incident and also had to get chiropractic treatment for his injuries. In addition, he suffered recurring headaches as a result of his head injuries, Long said.

He said the case was a challenging one because Allstate Insurance Company refused to settle for the insurance policy limit, which was $100,000. "Their final offer was $70,000, which is when we decided to take the case to trial," Long said. "Allstate is notorious for not paying fair value on these types of cases. It is their business model because they are a big insurance company with seasoned defense attorneys. They know very well that of the thousands of cases that are filed, very few will go to trial. They have no problem taking that risk."

It takes a personal injury law firm that has the willingness, resources and conviction to go after insurance companies to remain persistent and win these types of cases, Long said. "In this case, the jury was very attentive and fair. They found our client to be reliable and likeable. In the end, justice was served."

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