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Do I have a case for my auto defect?

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Do I have a case for my auto defect?

Free Case Evaluation - Our full time staff is ready to evaluate your case submission and will respond in a timely manner.

Orange County Product Liability Lawyers

Our skilled and experienced team of Orange County Product Liability Lawyers at Bisnar Chase understand what health and safety means, especially to you and your family. When that trust is devalued and negligence causes personal injury, justice must be served, holding those to blame accountable.

Making sure that you can put your trust and faith in you legal representation is of extreme importance, and the Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers at Bisnar Chase have the experience and resources to win your case, or you do not pay.

If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury or traumatic experience as result of a defective product, product recall or mislabeled product, call our team of legal professionals for your Free consultation and case evaluation, at 949-203-3814.

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What is a Product Defect?

When we purchase items, we expect them to work in a specific way, generally speaking. If you buy a blender, you expect it to blend your food without having to worry about a significant possibility that it is going to cause a house fire or explode shrapnel all over your kitchen.

Often, due to negligent manufacturing, low-cost quality and of course abnormal defects, products can become defective and not work as expected. Having extra or missing parts, cracks, seems or irregular structures can offer more hazardous possibilities as time goes on.

If you have noticed that something you have purchased has a defect or irregularity, return to the place of purchase and notify them of the issue before someone gets hurt or property is damaged.

Types of Product Defects

All products are at risk to becoming defective, especially when negligence is a factor. It's only a matter of where the negligence is a factor. Once a customer experiences the product defect, who, what, where and why become important. There is an endless amount of products in this world, but there are a select few that consistently experience problems with defects. Here are the 3 common stages where defects can develop:

  • Manufacturing Defects: During the process of manufacturing, a plethora of issues are always possible. Malfunctioning machines, calibration errors and irregularities in assembly line production. Having the wrong screw used, not tightened enough or over tightened, wrong parts being used or unused.
  • Design Defects: In these scenarios, it falls back to the drawing-boards. Where engineers, entrepreneurs and designers fail, overlook or miscalculate design aspects that lead to defects, dangerous products and product recalls.
  • Marketing Defects: Failing to warn potential customers of the product's possible dangers, ingredients, contents and hazards can lead to serious injuries, deaths, expensive lawsuits and media coverage, which is not good for a company's reputation. This can fall under false advertising as well.

Throughout history, there have been a wide variety of product defects and recalls that made their way into the media. Whether the media coverage was popular based on relevancy or strangeness, here is a list of the Top 5 Most Infamous Product Defects:

  1. Hasbro Easy Bake Ovens: With 249 reports of hazardous situations of children injuring themselves or seeking medical or professional attention, Hasbro's Easy Bake Oven's were recalled. Hasbro recalled 1 million easy bake ovens and felt it for about a year until their stock price recovered. Children were getting their fingers and hands stuck inside the oven, where they could be burned and suffer injuries from trying to pry their hand out of the oven.
  2. Toyota Motors: You may remember Toyota taking a few punches from the media in 2010, when their stock price dropped during a 2.3 million vehicles due to the gas pedal sticking. Affected models were the Camry, Highlander, Rav4, Corolla, Matrix, Avalon, Sequoia and the Tundra.
  3. Graco High Chairs: You want your kids to be safe, right? So did the parents who bought Graco high chairs. After receiving 24 reports of injured children, Graco recalled about 1 million high chairs, specifically the harmony model due to being prone to tipping over. The company did not suffer from this recall.
  4. Dell Batteries: In 2006 there was a recall of over 4 million lithium-ion batteries made by Sony. The batteries were failing, causing overheating and fires. Although the stock price dropped, they made a quick come back.
  5. Vioxx/Merck: An arthritis drug that was manufactured and sold after the FDA approved it in 1999. The drug received lots of reports stating heart attacks and strokes were experienced as result of taking the drug. After $4.85 billion to settle, with over 27,000 lawsuits related to incidents of stroke and heart attack, MRK's stock price fell.

How To Prove a Product Liability Case

There are many ways of going about your case, steps you should take before beginning your case and even important things to remember after your case. But first things first, lets prove and win your case.

With all litigation and accident/situation cases, documentation and evidence are key. Proving that your injuries, pain and suffering, property damage and so on were caused directly by the offending party or situation are your biggest things to remember.

Having a police report at the scene of the accident or situation, seeking and documenting your injuries or symptoms, especially in product defect cases. Later down the line when trying to prove your side of the case, if you are unable to show concrete evidence that your injuries were the result of the incident, it is going to be very difficult to prove that you are entitled to compensation and a victorious settlement.

If indeed you are seeking legal representation for a case that you are the victim of, gathering such evidence is possible and we are here to help you every step of the way.

If you have experienced a personal injury, symptoms, pain and suffering, property damage or any other issues related to a defective product, call our skilled team of Orange County Product Defect Attorneys at 949-203-3814 for your Free consultation and case evaluation.

Recalled Products?

A product recall is when a company or organization acts on a discovery or user reports, usually regarding a dangerous or defective product. When defective and potentially hazardous products are discovered, recalls are notices to return the product to it's place of purchase or warranty for a refund or repair.

This is to entitle the purchaser to a healthy and safe use of the product. But what happens when not everyone is notified?

Advertisements, magazine ads, tv and radio commercials only reach so many people. But how do you notify customers who don't have access to tv or radio or whatever means of notifying the customers the company has acted on?

There's no way of making sure everybody involved in a recall or who could be affected by a recall can be reached. This is dangerous and can be deadly.

Companies who request email or contact information upon purchase of their product have paved their way into the future in case the need arises to contact purchasers of any defects or information they would need to know, especially when it comes to them and their family's safety.

How To Check Your Home for Product Defects & Recalls

If you suspect or just want to ensure the safety of your family, there are ways to check to see if there are any products in your house that currently have product recalls or known defects by just doing some basic search engine research and visiting the page where you can view recent recalls, search for recalls or sign up for their email list.

Often times you will see evening news discussing the most current product defects and recalls, the commercials during prime evening programming, as well as radio commercials on your going to and coming home commute from work. Billboards displaying local attorneys trying to get cases for popular recalls and class actions are also another avenue of seeing whats out there.

If you have experienced a product defect and feel others could be at risk, you can visit and file a product defect report.

Often times, individuals are not the only ones affected by a singular product defect, and in fact are just one of many people experiencing symptoms, injuries or issues.

These situations are when class action lawsuits become appropriate. A class action lawsuit is when multiple parties have experienced some sort of issue from the same defect or accident, collectively pursuing litigation in one case. This involves cases such as:

  • Dell Batteries selling defective batteries to many customers that resulted in fires
  • Sephora employees suing for employment violation issues
  • PPV interruptions and outages during "money fight" with Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather

In class action cases, the payouts can be huge and into 7 and 8 figures, but depending on how many people are involved, when distributed among everyone can turn out to be only dollars in each persons pocket.

Although class action lawsuits usually don't have massive payouts, they can have large payouts depending on the circumstances and amount of people involved. But the whole point of a class action lawsuit is to collect everyone involved and fight collectively, showcasing the importance of the issue everyone experienced and that being held accountable is a must.

Why It's Important To Hire an Orange County Product Liability Lawyer

Although many individuals are capable of representing themselves in certain situations, it is strongly advised that you hire an attorney who specializes in the field of legal representation you need assistance with.

When you hire a skilled and experienced lawyer, not only are you reserving exclusive legal representation, but a professional that has years of practice, studies consistently, is experienced in actual legal circumstances and has the resources to choose from to better your odds of a favorable outcome, winning verdict and maximum compensation.

Contingency Fee - You Don't Pay If We Don't Win

Are you worried or have concerns with affording a lawyer? At Bisnar Chase, we promise to win your case with maximum compensation, or you do not pay. Now, many other firms claim to have this same promise, but have hidden fees that you must pay even if they lose your case.

Do you need financial assistance or have medical bills you need to pay? We offer financial advancement, where we will help you take care of financial obligations you need to pay, during your case, before it has been settled.

Depending on your case, situation and the complexity of the overall circumstances, limitations, restrictions and perimeters will be set in plain view before the case is signed, ensuring that you know exactly what you are going to get throughout the process of the case, because there is nothing worse than having high expectations crushed.

We set everything out in plain view. No hidden fees, penalties or additional costs. Plus, you don't pay if we don't win, even if financial support was provided by our firm.

Other credible firms decline many cases on a consistent basis that we end up signing and winning, many times being refereed to us from competitor firms, because they know we are capable of taking on complex and difficult cases and extracting a winning settlement and or verdict.

The skilled Orange County Product Liability Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been representing and winning our client's cases for over 40 years and want to help you become one of our victories.

Our law firm has won over $500 Million and have established a 96% success rate. If you want to hear from our past clients and their experience hiring Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Lawyers, visit our Client Testimonials to hear the stories of families and individuals we have helped over the years.

If you have experienced a personal injury, symptoms, pain and suffering, property damage or any other issues related to a defective product, call and discuss your case with an Orange County Product Defect Attorney at 949-203-3814 for your Free consultation and case evaluation.

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