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Do I have a case for my personal injury?

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Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

If you suspect that a loved has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, you should seek the advice of an experienced nursing home abuse attorney.

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Compassionate and Reliable Representation

If you suspect abuse or neglect, be sure to say something. The life you save may be your own family member's. Our law firm represents victims throughout the West Coast including Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Orange counties. We will review your case free of charge. If we take your case, and do not win, you won't pay.

Finding the right attorney to represent you shouldn't be taken lightly. You can avoid a lot of delays and mistakes by choosing an experienced nursing home abuse attorney with major wins under his belt. We've been helping the injured for over three decades and have earned a name for achieving results.

Video: To learn more about spotting the signs of nursing home abuse please watch our short video on warning signs.

Elder Abuse Has Many Victims

Elder abuse is a terribly inhumane crime that leaves victims feeling vulnerable, distrustful and alone. The feeling of hopelessness actually keeps many victims from reporting the abuse. Those who abuse or neglect elderly citizens need to be held responsible for the pain and suffering they have caused.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have a legal responsibility to report any misconduct, negligence or abuse to authorities. By failing to do so, they are putting residents at risk and allowing criminals to get away with hurting, abusing and stealing from innocent victims.

Since many nursing home abuse victims are scared to report any mistreatment, crimes of this nature too often go unreported. It is vital that nursing home employees and relatives of the residents report any suspicious behaviors or actions to the authorities to prevent further injury.

Right to a Safe Environment

Seniors have a right to safety and sanitary conditions. There are a variety of reasons why your loved one may be experiencing abuse or neglect, but typically it's overworked staff, discrimination or poorly managed facilities. Nursing home residents are required to be treated fairly and live in good conditions. This includes proper nutritious, medications and overall care. Senior's with special medical needs will require more attention. A reputable nursing home will be staffed with doctors, nurses and qualified health and welfare managers to ensure the safety of each resident.

Silent Crimes

Put yourself in the position of an elderly patient who is dependent upon nursing home staff for their daily care. Would you report neglect or abuse? Chances are you wouldn't. Fear and intimidation often cause elderly patients to stay quiet. If family members don't often visit then your loved one is almost wholly relying on staff to care for them. Usually elder abuse is reported by a doctor or loved one who sensed something wasn't right. Neglect and abuse aren't always obvious. Your loved one may be experiencing mental abuse, theft, bodily injury and you may not notice the signs unless you are looking for them.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

  • Loved one is eating less but isn't sick.
  • Loved one is becoming isolated and quiet.
  • Loved one keeps wondering off or cries a lot.
  • Loved one acts out or is extremely nervous.
  • Loved one has unexplained bruising or sores.
  • Loved one is severely withdrawn.
  • Loved one is heavily sedated without warrant.
  • Loved one can't explain missing personal items.

These are all signs that something may not be quite right. Be diligence in finding out if your elderly loved one is in a safe environment.

  • Talk with staff and doctors about your concerns.
  • Ask family members of other residents if they've experienced anything unusual.
  • Find a quiet safe place where you can talk one on one with your loved one. With complete privacy they may tell you more.
  • Keep a close eye on your loved one's finances and personal belongings.
  • Monitor weight and bruising of your loved one.
  • Conduct Internet research on the nursing home your loved one resides at.

Seeking Legal Help

If you feel something is happening with the care and welfare of your loved one, contact a nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your options. Attorneys that specialize in senior crimes will be best equipped to guide you down the right path. A quick assessment of the conditions you think your loved one is experiencing can help your attorney decide what crimes are taking place.

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