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Do I have a case for my car accident injury?

Free Case Evaluation - Our full time staff is ready to evaluate your case submission and will respond in a timely manner.

Freeway Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

Every day, the freeways around Los Angeles are flooded with traffic. These routes act as the primary paths into and around the city, and they are always extremely busy. Whether it is a part of your work commute or a trip to a neighboring city, freeway driving is a normal part of the day for many people. Unfortunately, freeway accidents are also very common. Anyone who drives on freeways frequently will have driven past the wreckage of a vehicle crash at the side of the road on plenty of occasions.

A freeway accident can be a life-changing event. The same can be said for a crash that occurs on any surface street – even a minor fender-bender or red-light run-in can leave an unsuspecting driver in pain or facing financial struggles. But a crash on a freeway is far more likely to result in major vehicle damage, a serious injury, or even a fatality. If the worst happens and you or a loved one are involved in a traffic collision in or around Los Angeles, our team can help. Bisnar Chase’s expert freeway accident lawyers in Los Angeles can provide the help you need in the aftermath of any incident.

Freeway Dangers in Los Angeles

Some statistics point to a greater number of car accidents occurring on surface streets than freeways. This is due to the intersections, turns and traffic lights – all of which are among the most common contributing factors for car crashes. Despite this, freeways are widely considered to be more dangerous. This is because any accidents on freeways will often have more severe results. Here are some of the chief reasons why:

  • High speeds
  • Greater volume of traffic
  • Many lanes
  • Sudden lane changes
  • Long journey fatigue
  • Distractions

High Impact Crashes on Freeways

Speed and traffic volume are the main factors in the risk surrounding freeway accidents. The speed limit on freeways around Los Angles is 65 or 70mph, depending on the route. Wherever you drive you will see people speeding though, and some drivers push these limits by driving at speeds in excess of 80mph. The higher the speed, the greater the force carried into a crash, and the worse the result will be.

Not only does a higher speed make for a more significant crash impact, it also makes it harder for a driver to react quickly enough to prevent a collision from happening. The stopping distance (the total distance travelled while the driver thinks and brakes) is 120 feet when a car is travelling at 40mph, compared to 315 feet for a car travelling at 70mph – the more likely speed in a freeway crash.

The sheer number of cars on the road also plays a role. Everyone knows that the freeways in Los Angeles are always busy, even outside of peak hours. While these roads have multiple lanes specifically to accommodate the traffic and ease congestion, these factors can add up to create a potentially deadly situation. When you have drivers trying to cross multiple lanes to make an exit, navigating the large number of surrounding cars, and doing so at speeds topping 70mph, you have a combination which leads to many a freeway accident.

Other Causes of Freeway Car Crashes

While carelessness at high speeds is undoubtedly a major cause of freeway vehicle collisions, there are plenty of other contributing factors. Some people might hop onto the freeway to shave a few minutes off a short trip, but freeways will be used mainly by drivers on longer journeys between cities. Anyone who has been on a long drive knows that it can take its toll and leave you feeling fatigued – especially at the end of a long work day. A fatigued driver will naturally be more prone to making mistakes on the road, especially fatigued drivers of commercial vehicles.

Another factor boosting the risk of a crash on Los Angeles freeways is the tendency for drivers to become distracted, usually by a phone or another similar device. Most people manage to stay off their phones on short journeys, but on longer freeway trips, the tendency to sneak a glance at the screen can creep in.

We all know that extreme weather conditions are a rare occurrence in California, but it is a common observation that people forget how to drive when it rains. When it does rain, the freeways are the worst-affected areas. Rainwater will leave the road surface in a slick and slippery condition, with the initial coating of moisture mixing with oil deposits on the roads. It also makes visibility worse, and a combination of slippery surfaces, high speeds and low visibility makes a crash on a freeway far more likely.

It is important to note that not all freeway accidents will involve multiple vehicles. It is entirely possible for you to crash without an error from another driver causing the accident. However, just because no other vehicle is involved, it does not necessarily mean you are at fault – or that there is no liability case to be pursued.

There are plenty of freeways running through and around the Los Angeles area which see accidents on a daily basis. The most common accident-ridden freeways in the area are:

  • The 110
  • I-5
  • I-405
  • I-10

Freeway crashes on the 110

The 110 is a highway including the I-110, with the entire route running between San Pedro and Pasadena and including the Downtown LA area. A study looking at all of the reported Los Angeles freeway accident data over the course of a year showed that the segment of the 110 between the 105 and the 101 has the most accidents per mile of any LA freeway.

Accidents on the I-5

The I-5 runs through California, Oregon and Washington as one of the main west coast routes. It covers a stretch of nearly 800 miles in California alone, including the LA area. According to the Los Angeles freeway crash statistics, this highway has several segments which rank highly in accidents per mile, including the section running south from the 10 to the 405.

Freeway collisions on the 405

The I-405 is one of the most congested freeways in the U.S., built to ease the pressure on I-5. It runs between San Bernardino and Irvine, past Los Angeles. The section running between the 110 and the 10 running both north and south has been identified by the data as having a particularly high freeway accidents per mile ratio.

Traffic accidents on the I-10

Last but not least is the I-10, which runs east to west. The 242-mile stretch in California runs through Santa Monica and LA, among other cities. As with the other freeways flagged in and around Los Angeles, the I-10 has a high volume of traffic and has several sections listed at the top of the accidents per mile data charts.

The Most Common Injuries from Freeway Accidents

The kind and severity of injuries suffered in freeway crashes can vary hugely depending on the circumstances of the accident. Did it involve another vehicle? What part of your car was hit? How much force was involved in the impact? All of these questions and many more play a role in the kind of injuries you could sustain in a freeway collision. Here are some of the most common:

  • Whiplash
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Concussion
  • Bone fractures

What Should You do After a Freeway Crash?

If you are involved in an accident on a freeway in LA, your first step will depend on your injuries.

  • If your car is still mobile, move it to the side of the road if it is safe to do so.
  • If you have sustained serious or life-threatening injuries, you need to sit tight and wait for medical assistance.
  • If your injuries do not prevent you from doing so – and it is safe to do so – you should move to a safer area. Freeways are dangerous, and you should not remain on or by the road if possible.
  • Call 911 to alert the emergency services.
  • Gather as much information as you can. This includes, but is not limited to: The names, license plates, registration information, contact numbers and insurance details of anyone else involved.
  • Document the scene of the crash. Takes pictures of the vehicles, the road, and any injuries, as long as it is safe to do so. Collect witness contact details and reports.
  • File a police report and make sure you request a copy. Keep any bills or expenses relating to the accident, your injuries, and any treatment.
  • Contact a Bisnar Chase attorney who is experienced in handling LA freeway accident cases.

Contacting an Experienced LA Freeway Accident Lawyer

After a crash, you should contact a collision attorney as soon as possible. Our expert injury attorneys are experienced in dealing with freeway accident cases. They will be able to examine your case and walk you through your legal options.

Our personal injury attorneys have won over $500M and have been representing injured plaintiffs in Los Angeles for over 40 years. We recommend not speaking to the insurance companies or defendants until you have consulted a qualified lawyer. You may put your injury case at risk if you do.

What Will You Be Entitled to if you have Been in a Freeway Accident?

Every case is different! Any claim and financial award will depend on a wide range of factors, including the specific circumstances of your accident, the injuries you may have sustained, and the impact of the accident on your day-to-day life. As a general rule, the size of a claim will correlate with the losses or damages you have suffered as a result of the car crash. Here are some of the considerations in establishing the value of a claim:

  • Injuries – One of the key considerations in any freeway crash case is the severity of injuries suffered, as well as how those injuries impact your life, and how long they take to heal.
  • Medical Expenses – Medical care is expensive, and hospital bills can add up after an accident. Any claim should account for the level of treatment required, from emergency care at the scene of the accident to rehabilitation.
  • Loss of Earnings – If the effects of an accident leave you unable to work through no fault of your own, you should be compensated for that lost earning potential.
  • Non-economic Damages – This is the term given to those effects that cannot be seen. Being involved in a car accident can lead to emotional pain and suffering, which should be just as big a consideration as the physical effects.
  • The Future – It is not just the immediate impact of a collision that needs to be assessed. A claim should account for any future treatments or therapy you will require as a result of this incident.

How Can Bisnar Chase Help?

When it comes to freeway accident lawyers in Los Angeles, the firm of Bisnar Chase is at the cutting edge. Our attorneys are dedicated, knowledgeable, and accomplished. As a firm we pride ourselves on our outstanding track record of protecting the rights of our clients and reaching favorable settlements to ensure they receive proper compensation for damages and loss.

We have the experience to take on even the toughest cases. Our trial lawyers have successfully taken on insurance firms and giant companies. Above all, they are dedicated to fighting for their clients. Some of the cases closed by Bisnar Chase have resulted in eight-figure payouts.

We work on no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring that you pay nothing unless we win or settle your case for you. Our freeway accident attorneys have been serving Los Angeles since 1978. Call 323-508-2703 for legal help now.

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