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Do I have a case for my personal injury?

Free Case Evaluation - Our full time staff is ready to evaluate your case submission and will respond in a timely manner.

San Jose Car Accident Lawyer

Nationally recognized award winning legal team of Bisnar Chase has over three decades of serving California with serious and complicated legal issues. Our San Jose car accident lawyers have the skills and resources to tackle some of the most complex cases. Car accidents cause serious injury and death to thousands every year in California and we represent those who were not at fault.

It's very important that you understand your rights as a plaintiff and protect those rights. The legal team at Bisnar Chase will review your case free of charge, and if we take it, advance all costs until your case settles.

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Injuries in San Jose

The 12 most crash-prone stretches of road in Stockton were identified in a recent state report. Known as the 5 Percent Report and released every year to raise awareness of California's safety needs and challenges, Stockton was shown to have its share of deadly intersections. Car accident statistics gleaned from California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) were used to identify problem streets.

In many respects, San Jose is no different than many large California cities. It has its share of traffic accidents and the grim injury and death statistics that accompany them. The California Highway Patrol's Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) noted that 46 people died and 4,130 were injured in traffic collisions.. Alcohol accounted for 15 fatalities and 422 injuries in those collisions. The disturbing number of accidents underscored the need take action--beyond traditional enforcement and engineering efforts.

Changing Driver Behavior

To help reduce injuries and deaths on its streets and highways, San Jose created a unique program known as Street Smarts. The novel traffic-calming program was designed by the City's Department of Transportation to enhance the City's safety. The program focuses on raising public awareness and changing driver behavior.

A key objective of the Street Smarts program was to slow down speeding drivers. A citywide public education campaign targeted the behaviors of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Advertising and community relations messages spread the word that behavioral changes in neighborhoods, schools and businesses are necessary to reduce the city's accident rate.

Working together with AAA, the program addresses and alters some critical behaviors that result in accidents. They include the following: speeding, running a red light, stop sign violations, school zone compliance and crosswalk safety & compliance.

The Street Smarts program is so successful that it is seen as a model for other cities and counties. San Jose worked with regional partners, such as the Santa Clara County Traffic Safe Communities Network, to improve driving, walking and bicycling behaviors throughout the Bay Area. Countywide Street Smarts efforts reduced red light running violations up to 60 percent at critical intersections.

To encourage greater regional participation in the Street Smarts program, San Jose opted to share creative materials developed for this campaign with any public agency at no cost, enabling other agencies to take advantage of the initial investment by San Jose to launch Street Smarts in their community. Besides16 Bay Area cities and public agencies that considered a regional partnership with San Jose, the City of Los Angeles also showed an interest in working to expand the Street Smarts campaign statewide.

"The city of San Jose acted pro-actively to slow down speeding cars and limit cut-through traffic," noted nationally-recognized car accident lawyer John Bisnar. "This helped reduce accidents and kept children, pedestrians and bicyclists safer. Street Smart is one program that every major city in California should emulate."

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