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San Fernando Valley Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Contact the experienced pedestrian accident attorneys of Bisnar Chase if you've been injured in a no-fault pedestrian accident in the San Fernando Valley. Our legal team has over 35 years of serving Los Angeles residents and will fight for your right to fair compensation. We offer a no win, no fee guarantee. Call 323-238-4683 for a completely free consultation.

Pedestrian Injuries On The Rise

According to the LA Times, pedestrians were involved in 1 out of 10 accidents in Los Angeles from 2002 to 2013. As most car accident lawyers know, Police are "pulling out the stops" to reduce the escalating rate of pedestrian accidents in the Southern California suburb of San Fernando Valley. Concerns arose after a report revealed as many as 90 fatalities occurred on 20 San Fernando Valley streets over the past three years. Car collisions on these three streets seriously injured another 74 people.

Coming in fourth with six fatalities and 45 serious injuries was Ventura Boulevard, one of the primary east-west thoroughfares in the San Fernando Valley. These are problem streets and intersections, where car accidents occur with disturbing frequency and call for better driver education and increased traffic enforcement. San Fernando Valley was listed as a city in Los Angeles with some of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians.

Improving Safety in the San Fernando Valley

Working to improve the safety of San Fernando Valley's problem streets, officials set their sights on the 40 percent of all Los Angeles intersections earmarked as dangerous. Police officers began to heavily target speeders and other reckless motorists in these trouble spots. The LAPD's Valley Traffic Division equipped some of its 71 motorcycle officers with $3,500 laser-sensor devices. This new technology, police insist, is more effective in catching speeding motorists than radar guns, adding that San Fernando Valley has the worst record when it comes to speeding scofflaws.

The San Fernando Valley was also plagued by a disturbing increase in pedestrian accidents, which rose by 100 percent in recent years. Bicyclists were also being struck at an alarming rate due to negligent and speeding motorists. To help reduce this dangerous rise in pedestrian accidents, the LAPD set up a "sting" operation on careless and negligent drivers. Plainclothes officers repeatedly traversed accident-prone crosswalks with nearby officers ready to cite drivers who violated traffic signals or refused to grant pedestrians the right of way.

Keeping Pedestrians Safe in Los Angeles

  • Motorists must be ever vigilant as they approach crosswalks; they should anticipate the movement of pedestrians, especially children and teenagers.
  • Make sure you stop your vehicle behind the white line and wait for the pedestrian to safely pass.
  • Remember, a car can do a lot of serious damage to a person with no protection. Car on car contact can be much less serious than car on human contact.
  • Be sure to always assume the worse and slow your car as you approach intersections and crosswalks.
  • Many accidents happen because drivers turn too quickly without stopping to see if a person is crossing into the street. We are inpatient in Los Angeles traffic, but legally you are supposed to wait until the pedestrian reaches the other side of the crosswalk safely. Police often issue tickets for this infraction and they can be very pricey.

Getting legal help in LA

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