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Rancho Bernardo Car Accident Lawyer

Virtually any Rancho Bernardo car accident law firm will admit that Rancho Bernardo has been the site of some horrific car accidents. As a planned community and also part of the city of San Diego, California, Rancho Bernardo is situated about 20 miles north-north-east of downtown San Diego.

Yet the two areas couldn't be further apart as far as layout, street design and cross section of motorists is concerned. Unlike downtown San Diego with its nightclubs and rooftop bars, Rancho Bernardo is essentially a bedroom community. It's also an area filled with teen drivers and winding roads. Combined, they often spell disaster.

Rancho Bernardo Car Accident Claims the Life of Popular Cheerleader

Who in Rancho Bernardo can forget the beautiful 15-year-old cheerleader who lost her life ? Sadly, the teen snuck out one night for a joy ride, lost control of her mother's car and struck the light pole on Bernardo Center Drive near Cayenne Ridge Road. The young teen had no driver's license and had failed to buckle up. She was hurled from the car and died at the scene. Rancho Bernardo car collision lawyers have learned that many teens, too eager to get their driver's license, often sneak out without their parents' knowledge to go joy riding in the family car.

Rancho Bernardo Car Collision Kills One and Injures Three

Another tragic accident killed one person and injured three in a violent car crash that blocked several lanes of southbound Interstate 15 in Rancho Bernardo. On February 16, the multi-vehicle car collision occurred just north of Bernardo Center Drive, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Red-Light Cameras May Reduce Likelihood of Intersection Car Crash

Working hard to drive down the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from car crashes at intersections, community officials decided to implement photo enforcement technology. They agreed to set up red-light cameras on Bernardo Center Drive and Rancho Bernardo Road and at Carmel Mountain Road and Rancho Carmel Drive. A consensus of Rancho Bernardo car crash lawyers insist that photo enforcement systems, when correctly administered, can deter the deadly collisions that often occur at troublesome intersections.

Across San Diego County, more than 16,000 adult DUI arrests are made annually. Most of those so arrested are males--about 13,000 vs. 3,000 for females. Over 4,000 DUI arrests occur within the city of San Diego, which includes Rancho Bernardo. In total, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department arrests over 1,500 DUI violators annually, while the California Highway Patrol makes over 7,400 impaired-driver arrests.

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