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The Branch Out Scholarship

The Branch Out Scholarship: Commitment to excellence in education and communities

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is hosting a bi-yearly scholarship giving $1,000 to a student who demonstrates through their personal statements that they are committed to expanding their education and using their education to improve their communities. Bisnar Chase will choose a winner Upon announcing the winner, Bisnar Chase will also give away $500 to the 501c3 charitable organization of the winner's choice.*


awarded to a student whose submission details:

  •   Why they are committed to education
  •   The struggles that their community goes through
  •   How they plan to solve issues within their community
  •   How their education will help bring that plan to life

awarded to a charity:

  •   Chosen by the scholarship winner
  •   Must be a registered 501c3 Charitable Organization

The following requirements must be met in order for a student to be considered to win this scholarship.

  • Applicants must submit their answers to the questions in the form below. Applicants may submit their answers in essay form via email instead.
  • Applicant must be a student enrolled in a United States university pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree or must be a senior in high school.
  • Student must have at least a 2.5 GPA and winner must provide proof of GPA

A winner will be chosen twice a year

The deadline for the upcoming scholarship is:

December 15, 2019 at 11:59pm

on which date the scholarship winner will be chosen and announced via email to the winner.

Tips for Winning the Scholarship

Bisnar Chase will choose a winner who we believe has the best plan to improve their community, and the most motivation and drive to see their plans come to fruition. Our goal is to benedit the most people by empowering the difference-makers around us.

  • Read the Tips for Each Question: Each question will have a Symbol next to it. Hover over it with your mouse or tap on it (on your phone) to reveal more specific tips about this question.
  • Stay on Topic: This scholarship is not awarded to the person who completes the most hours of volunteer work. Mention your accomplishments or personal anecdotes only when relevant.
  • Keep it Readable and Brief: The easiest community plans to understand are the ones that are quick to read and understand. Don't use ostentatious verbiage unless necessary. Keep your answers as short as possible without sacrificing detail.
  • Be Specific on 'How': Be sure to give as much detail as possible on how your proposed plans will address your issues. (eg. Don't just tell us you want to open a homeless shelter for example, tell us what your homeless shelter will do to prevent homelessness in the future. How are you planning on getting your funding?What will be your most beneficial programs and policies?)



I have read the terms and conditions below.

Submitting your application in essay form? Email with the subject line: "Scholarship Submission from: [Your Name] - Due 12/15/18"

Terms and Conditions:

For questions contact: K. Feathers, or call 800-561-4887.

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Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys ultimately retains the right to determine what organization they will donate to but will honor the scholarship winner's request unless the character of the organization can be called into question or the donation will adversely affect the firm's public image.

Bisnar Chase reserves the right to determine the winner of the scholarship based on the information provided to them. No employees or immediate family members of Bisnar Chase employees may win this scholarship award, and previous scholarship winners are not eligible to win. Applicants who have entered their personal statement and who are not chosen to win are eligible to submit another application before the next scholarship deadline, but must apply with a new submission.

By submitting an application for this scholarship award, the applicant agrees to allow Bisnar Chase to contact them regarding this scholarship program and to use their application answers in Bisnar Chase marketing publications and content.

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