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Do I have a case for my personal injury?

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Eye Injury Injury Attorneys

Eyes are referred to many as the "windows to the soul" and are also a crucial component of our everyday lives.

Eye injuries can result in permanent vision loss, partial vision loss or vision restrictions that may affect every aspect of your life.

If your eye injury resulted from someone else's carelessness, negligence or wrongdoing, it may be in your best interest to learn about your legal rights and options by consulting with one of the catastrophic injury lawyer at Bisnar Chase.

Whether the at-fault party responsible for your suffering was a product manufacturer, a doctor or a careless driver, financial support may be available for your medical treatment, lost wages and other related damages.

When to Seek Help for Your Eye Injury

If you are issues with your vision or you have recently suffered an eye injury, it is imperative to pay attention.

Symptoms such as flashing lights, eye floaters and blurred edges may seem like minor annoyances, but they could be signs of something much more serious.

If you are experiencing these or other symptoms, you must seek out medical attention immediately.

Warning Signs for Eye Injury

See a doctor if you are experiencing eye pain, vision loss, spots in your vision, "cobwebs" in your field of view, colored circles around lights or a bulging of the eye or eye tissue.

Other serious symptoms include excessive tearing and eyelids that are stuck together.

Tears in the outer ocular walls, bleeding on or inside the eye and vision loss are all warning signs of a potentially serious eye injury.

Seeking help right away will not only document your injuries for legal purposes and for your eye injury attorney, but also increase your chances of making a full recovery.

Common Eye Injuries

Eyes are extremely vulnerable organs. With this in mind, just about any eye trauma can have serious consequences. Some of the most common eye injuries include:

  • Scratched cornea: A scratched eye is susceptible to infection from bacteria or fungus.
  • Penetrating injuries: This is when metal or other sharp objects enter and damage the eye.
  • Chemical burns: Acids cause redness and burning and alkali can cause substantial eye pain.
  • Eye bleeding: This is when there is a leakage of blood, making the white of the eye appear red.
  • Traumatic iritis: This is inflammation of the colored part of the eye.
  • Eye swelling: Swollen eyelids can result from blunt trauma.
  • Hyphemas: This is when there is bleeding between the cornea and the iris.

Treatments for Traumatic Eye Injuries

The type of treatment needed depends on the type of injury suffered.

Surgery is required in cases involving blunt or penetrating injuries. Surgery, however, is not necessary in all circumstances.

Some minor corneal injuries could be treated in a less evasive way.

As long as there is no foreign material in the eye, an eye patch may be worn to allow the eye to heal on its own. Victims of these types of serious injuries should avoid driving or other types of strenuous activities because having use of only one eye affects depth perception.

Some eye injuries do not result from foreign objects but from chemical burns.

Powerful chemicals such as acids or alkalis are extremely dangerous. If you have sustained a chemical burn to your eye, you should immediately flush your eyes out with water for 30 minutes and then seek immediate medical attention.

If your eyes are swelling, you might want to place ice on your eyes as you are being transported to the hospital. It is not, however, advisable to rub or apply pressure to the eye.

Rights of Serious Eye Injury Victims

If you have suffered an eye injury as a result of someone else's negligence, it is possible to seek compensation for your losses.

In cases involving eye injuries, victims often require eye doctors to review their cases or even testify in court as experts. Depending on the age of the victim and the circumstances of the incident that caused the injury, it may be necessary to speak with a legal expert who can offer better insight.

The Medical Cost of an Eye Injury

Suffering a serious eye injury can result in expensive medical bills and time away from work.

Catastrophic eye injuries can result in a partial or complete loss of vision. There are legal options available to help injured victims recover some of their losses if the accident resulted from someone else's negligence. Some questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Did the eye trauma occur during a car accident?
  • Was the accident the result of a defective product or a dangerous property?

Support should be available for anyone who has suffered an injury because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another.

Whether it is through a product liability claim, personal injury claim or premises liability claim, financial support may be available for:

  • Medical bills: All current and future medical expenses related to the accident should be included in the claim.
  • Lost wages: All wages lost while the victim heals should be included in the claim. Additional support may be available when the injuries reduce the victim's earning potential or ability to return to work.
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation may be available for the victim's mental anguish and physical suffering.
  • Rehabilitation costs: Victims can also be reimbursed for expenses relating to rehabilitation or therapy they require to heal completely.

Eye Injury Lawyers You Can Trust

Suffering an eye injury can be a painful and emotional experience for you and your family.

If you have suffered a serious eye injury, call the experienced eye injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase toll free now at 800-561-4887 for immediate legal advice and to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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