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Thousands of Personal Injury Success Stories

Bisnar Chase has been representing injured clients throughout California since 1978. We've taken on some of the biggest cases because we have the experience, expertise and resources to get results.

To date, Bisnar Chase has collected more than $500 Million in settlements and verdicts.

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Note: In some cases the names of our clients have been changed to "Doe" or "Smith" in the case of confidential settlements.

Temporarily Confidential

Type of accident / injury: Motorcycle Accident

Summary: Temporarily Confidential

Award: 38,650,000

Full Story

Lucas Vogt v. Andrew Saldate

Type of accident / injury: Motorcycle Accident

Summary: Motorcyclist struck by 2 cars on the freeway

Award: 30,000,000

Full Story

Romine v. Johnson Controls

Type of accident / injury: Seatback Failure Auto Defect

Summary: Rear-end accident, seatback broke resulting in quadriplegia

Award: 24,744,764

Full Story

Christopher Chan vs City of Hanford

Type of accident / injury: Bicycle Accident

Summary: Bicyclist struck by van -city-created dangerous intersection

Award: 16,444,904

Full Story

Maciel v. Defendant Cleaning Corporation

Type of accident / injury: Premises Liability

Summary: Child drank liquid detergent that was left out on a patio.

Award: 10,030,000

Full Story

Veronica Chairez v. The State of California

Type of accident / injury: Premises Negligence

Summary: Victim struck by a fallingbranch that the state failed to inspect.

Award: 8,250,000

Full Story

Jane Doe vs. [Defendant Corporation]

Type of accident / injury: Defective Door Latch

Summary: Victim thrown from the vehicle when a defective car door opened during a crash

Award: 5,500,000

Full Story

Joseph Butenhoff v. Bautista

Type of accident / injury: Pedestrian Accident

Summary: Victim struck by a speeding vehicle while trying to help a dog in the road

Award: 3,000,000

Full Story

Rickey Prock v. A. Levy and J. Zentner Corporation

Type of accident / injury: Motorcycle Accident

Summary: Motorcyclist hit by a delivery driver on the job

Award: 3,000,000

Full Story

Jasmine Villamor vs. John Bragonnier

Type of accident / injury: Pedestrian Accident

Summary: Pedestrian struck by a car in an intersection

Award: 1,000,000

Full Story

Julie Farris vs. City of Azusa

Type of accident / injury: Trolley vs Bicycle Accident

Summary: Victim struck by a trolley while riding a bike

Award: 3,000,000

Full Story

Kristina Griffeth vs Paradise Nails

Type of accident / injury: Premises Liability

Summary: Victim given an infection at a nail salon

Award: 200,000

Full Story

Our Case Philosophy

"Results" have been the primary focus of every one of the thousands of people we have represented since 1978. Like you, most came to us to recover financial compensation for their losses and injuries. They came for results. Our clients make up thousands of success stories. Stories of people like you who were injured or lost a family member and wanted professional assistance to recover the compensation they were legally due. They came for results.

Although we haven't won every case we have handled, we have won more than nine out of ten. Law firms that only take easy cases shouldn't ever lose. If a law firm consistently takes on challenging cases against very strong opponents, like we do, they are going to lose some cases. And we have. Which would you rather have representing you? A law firm that only takes easy, clear cut cases or a law firm that takes on challenging cases and wins nearly every one? If you are going to war, do you want warriors who have won most of their battles or warriors who have never been in a real battle?

We have represented hundreds of people who have lost a family member. We have represented hundreds of people who have been attacked by dogs, been mistreated in nursing homes, suffered falls, were injured at work or who were cheated out of their full employment rights. We have represented hundreds of people who have suffered injuries due to defective products such as automobiles, prescription medication, medical devices, tools, household products and consumer goods. We have represented thousands of people who have been injured in traffic collisions.

If we take on your case, we will professionally and passionately do our best to get you the results you are looking for. Some of our biggest results are confidential. What that means is one of the terms of the settlement agreement was that we not disclose to anyone how much the wrongdoer agreed to pay. There are other big cases, some of the very biggest, that according to the settlement agreement, we can not say anything at all about the case. Big companies many times don't want anyone to know that they did something wrong, so they require their settlement terms to be a secret. If a big company settles a lawsuit for a large amount of money, they don't want the public to know because it might make them look like they did something wrong or there is something wrong with their product.

Most of our cases are settled out of court. Why is that?

Three reasons:

  1. We have very skilled trial teams, that have winning reputations and the defense law firms know it.
  2. We are very thorough in case/trial preparation and most defense law firms see that while we are preparing our cases and this can be intimidating.
  3. We have highly skilled negotiators and an industry wide reputation for getting higher settlements for our clients and the mediators know it.

For these three reasons, most defendants would prefer to settle our clients' claims rather than risk a jury trial with our trial teams. Remember: In every case, one side wins - and one side loses. Having the clout of Bisnar Chase behind you might be the difference between winning and losing or might be a big difference in how much money actually goes into your pocket.

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