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California Motor Vehicle Code 23110

Throwing Objects at Vehicles

California Vehicle Code 23110 addresses the illegality of throwing any object or substance at a vehicle in operation. According to the code, any person who throws anything at a vehicle or occupant of a vehicle while the vehicle is being operated on a highway is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Though it may seem very strict, the code helps to prevent people from doing anything that might obstruct a driver's view of the road and cause a collision. Objects and substances include litter and debris that drivers may illegally throw from their vehicles. This trash could land on another driver's windshield or be tossed upon or under another vehicle, causing the driver to lose control.

Code 23110 also notes that if a person intentionally attempts to cause bodily injury to a driver or occupant of a vehicle by throwing a rock, brick, bottle, or any other object at a moving car, it is considered a felony. Any intention to cause bodily harm to a driver or other vehicle may be punished by imprisonment.

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