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California Motor Vehicle Code 22406

Speed Limits for Specific Vehicles

While most vehicles must abide by posted speed limits and speed limits designated to certain zones, other vehicles are also subject to other maximum speed limit laws.

California Vehicle Code 22406 states the max speed limit as 55 miles per hour for the following designated vehicles:

  • Motor trucks or tractors which are composed of three or more axles. This includes any motor truck or truck tractor that is drawing another vehicle.
  • Passenger vehicles or buses drawing other vehicles.
  • Schoolbuses carrying students.
  • Farm labor vehicles transporting passengers.
  • Vehicles legally transporting explosives.
  • Any trailer bus.

The 55 miles per hour max speed limit is applied to these large, heavy vehicles for safety reasons. The law also considers the roads and terrain, such as farmland, that many of these vehicles travel on. Abiding by max speed limit laws is essential to keep drivers in various vehicles safe on the road.

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