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California Motor Vehicle Code 23111

Discharging Items Onto Roads

Most people understand that littering is bad for the environment, but it is also illegal and can be punished with a fine. What Code 23111 refers to as the "Paul Buzzo Act," explains that no person in a vehicle or pedestrian is permitted to throw litter or any object on a highway, private, or public adjoining space.

This code applies to all objects or substances including lit or unlit cigarettes and cigars, matches, or any other glowing substances. Expelling items from moving vehicles, or onto roads where vehicles operate, is not only unsightly but dangerous. Objects on fire are hazardous and can ignite exposed gasoline while other debris may be sharp and cause flat tires in vehicles. Larger objects may obstruct the flow of traffic or cause vehicles to suddenly swerve and lose control.

It is the responsibility of drivers, pedestrians, and anyone who uses the roads and highways to do their personal best to keep them clean and safe.

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